You are more of a healer than you know

It is the Saturday before Palm Sunday — and we prepare once again to enter what for Christians is the holiest week of the year as we journey with Jesus from the Hosannas and palms in the streets of Jerusalem to the agony of Good Friday … knowing our destination is the the glory of Easter and the promise of resurrection.

This year we make the journey for the second time under the shadow of a global pandemic challenging the whole human family and heightened tensions of polarization and division challenging our nation. We are tired, we are grieving, we are sad/angry/scared … we are all the feelings that make us human and it is the Saturday before Palm Sunday.

So today we share these words from our brother Bishop Steven Charleston as a little balm in the Gilead of our collective journey. May they speak to you as words of healing, hope and sustenance meant for you in this moment.

Let us be extravagant in our kindness,
touching as many as possible with respect,
for these have been long days for a long time,
the kind of days that pull energy from you,
days of keeping watch like a nurse on the night shift.
These have been hard days for many,
so let us not hurry past that reality,
for it tells a true story,
a story we must remember.
Let us abide in faith,
quietly recalling more than there is time to tell,
watching the parade of our recent history
walk past us like distant travelers
finally coming home.
Blessings to all of you
who are moving forward,
looking forward,
believing in what you have been praying to see.
Your witness has meant a great deal.
Your strength has helped others to keep going.
You have been extravagant in your kindness
for you are more of a healer than you know.

Bishop Steven Charleston, from his Facebook page

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