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With gladness of heart

Some words of wisdom, inspiration and challenge from Bishop Steven Charleston:We are on a rescue mission. That’s one way to think of our task as people of faith. We are out on stormy waters looking for other men and women who may be struggling. It does not matter their age, race or religion: it only

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A Collect for Today

Gather up our broken threads, Weaver of Love. Run through the pattern of our lives the bright thread of your Spirit, and remake us in your beautiful image. Transform our loss and pain, our despair and our uncertainty into resilience and compassion, so that we may follow the Risen Christ in loving the world with

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To Span the Difference Between Peace & Pain

Words of wisdom from Bishop Steven Charleston: How hard it is to sit here in this quiet world while just over the horizon deathis falling from the sky. How helpless I feel to change that reality.I cannot bring my safety to those in danger.I cannot end their struggleas much as I wish I could. But I believe the love of

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A Maundy Thursday Prayer

God of seed and growth and harvest, creator of need, creator of satisfaction; give us, we pray, our daily bread, sufficient and assured for all. Give us also, we pray, the bread of life, so we may feed the hungry, and seek for peace and justice in the world. Help us, then, to remember and

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I have been praying for peace

I have been praying for peace. I know you have too. Not only in Ukraine, but in all the countries of the world experiencing conflict. Peace to every land that faces stress, crisis, tension, or struggle. Peace to every community that searches for justice, reconciliation, and restoration. Peace to nations suffering from natural disasters and

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A Prayer for Ukraine

O Lord, God of life, as you care for all creation, give us your peace. May our security come not from weapons, but from respect.  May our strength come not from violence, but from love.  May our own wealth come not from money, but from sharing. May our path be not one of ambition, but

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Lent is a season that is going somewhere

Lent is an invitation to a voluntary trip into the wilderness, that can prepare us for the inevitable involuntary trips into the wilderness. It is a reminder that we are dust and that life is limited. But those limits are what give life its meaning. Since we don’t have countless moments, Lent is also an

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Ash Wednesday: A Prayer for Peace

God of timelessness,From chaos and disorderyou brought forth the beauty of creation;From the chaos of war and violenceBring forth the beauty of peace.God of compassionYou saw the humanity of the outcast and the stranger;Help us to see the evils of our hatreds and suspicionsand to turn them into the embrace of your Beloved Community.God of

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Prayers for Peace in a Time of War

O God, who dwells beyond all our names for you, we pray for the will to be at peace with one another. We remember this day those who find themselves thrust into war;We pray for light in the darkness, and hope amid despair. We pray for peace in ourselves; help us to breathe in peace,

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Reflecting on Ubuntu in Hot-Mess Times

What is your faith? What is the foundational building block you start with in building the belief system that shapes you, inspires you, supports you, challenges you? When Jesus was asked a similar question — framed by the questioner as “what is the greatest commandment” — he famously replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with

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