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To be in unity with the Spirit

Today’s reflection comes to us from African American mystic and scholar Howard Thurman via Richard Rohr’s Center for Action and Contemplation … drawing a through line from the ancient mystics and our historic faith to the challenges of polarization and demonization of “the other” that plagues us in this moment. Long ago, Plotinus [205–270 CE]

Remembering George Floyd

On this anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, we share this prayer — offered by Prioress Susan Rudolph OSB at the time of his death — calling us to both grieve his loss and mobilize to end the systemic racism that plagues our nation. Kyrie eleison. The echo of his helpless cry haunts me.

We Heal In Community

COVID-19 roared into the world in late 2019 and by mid-March 2020 California began experiencing COVID-related losses – of life, of health, of wellbeing, of income, of employment, of community, and of companionship. As life begins to return to a new version of “normal” we need to heal from our many losses. St. Athanasius Episcopal

A Call For Daily Prayers For Peace

Gracious God, unite all who love you in daily prayers for wisdom and restraint on the part of the leaders of Israel, the Palestinian National Authority, and Hamas: Benjamin, Mahmoud, and Ismail. Flood their forecourts with diplomats and their ears with the wails of the innocent victims of useless violence. If they all have a

A Balm In Gilead

On Pentecost evening, Sunday, May 23 at 5:00 p.m., the Diocese of Los Angeles will host “A Balm in Gilead,” a memorial service celebrating the souls of unsung heroes throughout our diocesan family who were lost to COVID-19. The service will include prayers, readings and music shared by various soloists and groups — and a

Jesus’s Family Values

In his 2015 book “Songs My Grandmother Sang” our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry wrote, “I learned what I believed in the songs I heard my family―especially my grandmother―sing. We sang our faith every day.” And one of those songs was: In Christ there is no East or WestIn him no South or NorthBut one great

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What Have We Learned?

Bishop Mary Glasspool, Bishop Assistant in the Diocese of New York, offers this reflection as we begin to see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel and make plans for our next chapters: Our clergy and congregations will be deciding how and when to worship and conduct meetings as we move toward more

Sorrow needs a home as well as joy

The both/and of Holy Saturday: holding in tension the promise of resurrection and the pain of death. Praying this morning for all those grieving those they love but see no more. Sharing this meditation from Bishop Steven Charleston as we dwell in this liminal space between grief and resurrection. The dark has as much right

The worst that we can do cannot kill God’s love

On this Good Friday as we stand once again at the foot of the cross, these words stand with us as both challenge and encouragement. Good Friday blessings from One in the Spirit. This is theday whenlife is raw,quivering,terrifying.The day of numbed emotions, the day of blunt nailsand splintered wood, of bruised flesh and red


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