The True Colors of Love in Action

During this Lenten journey we have brought various voices to this platform to speak and witness to the power of God’s love to unite, to transcend difference and to heal. Today — on this Friday-Before-Good Friday — we celebrate the front-line health care workers who serve and protect the most vulnerable among us during this time of pandemic … and the musicians who created this tribute by raising their voices to honor all that they do and give to our human family.

A tribute to all healthcare workers battling the Covid-19 pandemic, sung by members from All Saints Church Pasadena Canterbury & Coventry Choirs, joined by Healthcare Professionals | March 21, 2021.

Conductor: Dr. Weicheng Zhao
Piano accompaniment: Dr. Grace Chung
Audio mixing and mastering: Ed Johnson
Video editing: Dr. Weicheng Zhao & Fang Gao
Asset Management & Tech Support: Ken Gruberman
Produced and directed by Dr. Weicheng Zhao
Co-produced by Fang Gao

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