Of Uncertain Times & Creative Solutions

Words of wisdom from Bishop Steven Charleston:

If I had to pick a word to describe the time in which we are living I would say: unsettling. Uncertain. Tense with expectation. Where are we going? What will happen next? We are not sure. I am not sure. Like you, I feel as if I am standing on sand. I am working hard to keep my balance. I am determined to hold on to my hope. I am confronting the unknown with something I consider to be a steady truth: human beings who care for one another are more grounded than those who do not. If there is a rock beneath the sand, it is mutual respect. Which leads to mutual learning and mutual cooperation. When we share those things, we can look uncertainty in the eye.

For Creative solutions require creative minds to discover them. First, a creative mind must be open to new ideas. Creativity is the transformation of the present into the future. It is spiritual vision come to life. Second, a creative mind is a curious mind. If we are satisfied with the status quo we have little motivation to change. Spirituality is organic, therefore it grows. Third, creativity adapts to reality. Spiritual people live in reality, not in imagination. The power of the holy impacts the world as it is, with solutions that not only work, but bless.

Photo by Karolis Milišauskas on Unsplash

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