Scatter your blessings to the whole of creation

On this Monday after Easter Week, one of the lessons appointed for the day is from the First Letter of of John … calling us to walk in the light of the “new commandment” — which is of course to “love one another as I have loved you.” And to amplify that lesson, hear these words from our brother Bishop Steven Charleston:

Let me share what I believe as simply as I can.
I believe in the Spirit, the great compassionate consciousness
behind the creation of everything we see and seek to understand.

I believe we are all created in the image of this Spirit
because we share in consciousness together.

Our task is to use our awareness to nurture life
in all of its endless forms,
to care for the world we have been given,
to help one another find peace and happiness,
and to celebrate the beauty that surrounds us
each and every day.

Love is the means by which we do all of the above.
We are the people of love,
the embodiment of love,
the constant expectation of love,
for any and all who share in awareness with us.
We are the family of the human beings,
the current vision of all of the hopes
of all of our ancestors.
From them we have learned that:
what we need, we have;
what we imagine, we discover;
and what we hold sacred, we become.

Faith is the medicine bag we have each been given
to take the past into tomorrow. 

Collect all the goodness in life you can find
and then scatter it long and wide
to the four directions. 
Scatter your blessings
to the whole of creation.
And when you do,
do it singing.

Bishop Steven Charleston

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