The Language of Hope

Our Diocese of Los Angeles Book Study of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s “Love is the Way” has begun! We got off to a great start on November 18 and will continue for four more weeks. (Not too late to join us: details here.)

But for today … as we dwell on the cusp of endings and beginnings — with both a church year and an election cycle ending and a new year and the hope of new beginnings just ahead … here’s a quote from Bishop Curry to carry us forward. May we continue to be people of both dreams and hope as we move forward into God’s future.

The language of a dream is the language of hope. It is the language of reality being changed by a new possibility.

Dreaming – impractical, foolish, impossible dreaming – gave us the very real civil rights movement. Dreaming gave us a South Africa freed from apartheid. Dreaming, as I see it, has saved me and many others from turning to despair and destruction in the darkest days, when evil seems to be winning. Dreams are love’s visions – the boundless faith that the world can be remade to look more like what God hoped for in creation.

Time and time again in history, the positive, miraculous – even crazy – energy of dreamers has saved us. In insane times, it’s sanity that kills us – the sanity of complicity with the present nightmare. The only people who have ever changed the world or anything for the good have been those who have dared to dream of an alternative reality, another possibility than the one that confronts us day by day.

[Love is the the Way: pgs. 73-74]

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